Sealey APTTC02 Topchest & Rollcab Combination 14 Drawer With 1233pc Tool Kit

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Package includes:Model No. AP2403Topchest 6 Drawer with Ball Bearing SlidesOverall Size (W x D x H): 690 x 465 x 535mmModel No. AP2408Rollcab 8 Drawer with Ball Bearing SlidesOverall Size (W x D x H): 766 x 465 x 960mm 1233pc Tool Kit arranged in 28 Themed Tool Trays.Including 2 blank trays for storage of other tools and components.Model No - DescriptionTBT01 - Tool Tray with Combination Spanner Set 13pc MetricTBT02 - Tool Tray with Pliers Set 4pcTBT03 - Tool Tray with Circlip Pliers Set 4pcTBT04 - Tool Tray with Locking Pliers & Adjustable Wrench Set 4pcTBT05 - Tool Tray with T-Handle TRX-Star* Key Set 8pcTBT06 - Tool Tray with T-Handle Ball-End Hex Key Set 8pcTBT07 - Tool Tray with Hex/Ball-End Hex Keys & Socket Bit Set 29pcTBT08 - Tool Tray with TRX-Star* Key, Socket Bit & Socket Set 35pcTBT09 - Tool Tray with Engineers File Set 5pcTBT11 - Tool Tray with Ribe/Spline/Hex/Security TRX-Star* Bit Set 60pcTBT12 - Tool Tray with Measuring & Cutting Set 6pcTBT13 - Tool Tray with Flare Nut & Ratchet Ring Spanner Set 12pcTBT14 - Tool Tray with Screwdriver Set 6pcTBT15 - Tool Tray with Riveter & 400 Assorted Rivet SetTBT16 - Tool Tray with Ratchet Crimper & 325 Assorted Insulated Terminal SetTBT17 - Tool Tray with Precision & Pick-Up Tool Set 38pcTBT18 - Tool Tray with Punch & Impact Driver Set 25pcTBT19 - Tool Tray with Socket Set 43pc 1/4"Sq DriveTBT23 - Tool Tray with Scraper & Hook Set 9pcTBT24 - Tool Tray with Impact Socket Set 28pc 1/2"Sq Drive - MetricTBT25 - Tool Tray with Impact Socket & Adaptor Set 15pcTBT26 - Tool Tray with Tap & Die Set 33pcTBT27 - Tool Tray with Brake Wind-Back Tool Kit 18pcTBT28 - Tool Tray with Oil Filter Wrench, Pliers & Drain Plug Set 21pcTBT29 - Tool Tray with Hammer-Thru Screwdriver Set 6pcTBT30 - Tool Tray with Prybar, Hammer & Hacksaw Set 6pcTBT31 - Tool Tray with Socket Set 55pc 3/8" & 1/2"Sq DriveTBT32 - Tool Tray with Ratchet, Torque Wrench, Breaker Bar & Socket Adaptor Set 13pcTBTB - Tool Tray - Blank 176.5 x 397 x 55mmTBTB - Tool Tray - Blank 176.5 x 397 x 55mmOther products of equivalent value will be supplied in the event that the promotion items should cease to be available.You may also refer to the individual Model No. for full specification

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